PEC Employee Spotlight

Meet Nicole, one of PEC’s Event Coordinators. You can find Nicole on LinkedIn here.

DearMKE Campaign

While PEC serves businesses around the country, and even internationally, we are proud to be housed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently, a campaign call DearMKE has launched to show the world what we Milwaukee residents love about our city. The campaign is made up of 12 documentaries that are growing into a film, and each documentary will be launched at a different time.

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PEC Culture: Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

Here at PEC, we take the work-hard mentality seriously. In our industry, it’s important to stay on top of client’s needs and industry trends, but we also realize the importance of getting out of the office once in a while to play. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, PEC rode the Milwaukee Pedal Tavern to say goodbye to longtime PEC employee, Katie. Our group of ladies had a blast working together as a team to move the tavern around the Third Ward district of Milwaukee. With the help of our friendly driver, we even stopped at the Milwaukee Sail Loft on the Milwaukee River for a champagne toast. The Milwaukee Pedal Tavern was a blast for our office, and we highly recommend to anyone looking for two hours of smiles, laughs and team bonding.

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Tip – Four Frugal Planner Tips

Here at PEC, we are always looking for ways to give our clients the best value on a limited budget. In an effort to avoid wasteful spending, we monitor Meetings and Conventions’ Frugal Planner’s Tip of the Week. Today we are rounding up our favorite four tips from the Frugal Planner.

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Where’s the Service? | Part Two

A simple guide to client obsession…and a better bottom line!

An incredible lack of customer service has taken over our culture like a bad epidemic. What has happened to the motto “the customer comes first” or “the customer is always right”? It seems good employees are a dying breed and good customer service is a mere luxury.

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Tip – How to Choose the Right Meeting Planner

You may have guessed it: not all planners are created equal. In searching for a meeting planner, you should be prepared to asked pointed questions with regard to your potential planner’s reputation and ability to service your group’s specific needs.

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Trend We Love – Catering with Food Trucks

Take a walk around your local downtown area during lunch hour one day. You may notice several food trucks lining streets with long lines of hungry customers. Food trucks are the new lunch hot spot in American cities, with their tasty yet affordable menus. Here at PEC, we love the idea of incorporating this trend into your next event or meeting.

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PEC Plans – HOBGI Convention

Recently, Professional Events and Consulting was contracted to work with client Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International (HOBGI) to handle meeting management logistics abroad in Calgary, AB Canada. PEC successfully used their background knowledge and experience to plan the three day convention for HOBGI attendees. Doing business internationally brings forth a whole new set of challenges; among these challenges are a difference in culture and communication practices, new and unknown city scapes and geography, and unfamiliarity with resources, suppliers, and vendors in the area.

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Captivate and Motivate

From basic to high-tech, PEC has the latest and greatest ideas on how to engage your event audience.

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