Avoiding Attrition

by Sheila Vichich-Beutin
March 31, 2015


Attrition can occur in a number of instances, but the avoidance of attrition requires consideration from both you and the hotel. Monitoring your room block on a weekly basis is the best preventative to avoiding attrition. If the hotel is experiencing high levels of occupancy, they may be willing to lower the block without penalty if notification is received early enough. In the case of cancelled reservations close to your event, your business will need more creative solutions. Reminder emails or special promotions sent to your attendees may generate more hotel reservations.

In a recent instance, a group had monitored their room reservations right up to the day before the event. However, an unfortunate miscommunication left the group short for their block requirement. This type of avoidable attrition could have resulted in unnecessary costs to the group. Had the group known about the short fall, they could have moved guests from a double room into two single rooms and met their room block total.

While the group was responsible for the attrition, with the help of pec meetings company, the hotel agreed not to enforce the contract clause. With a valued history of working with the hotel, pec meetings company was able to negotiate an amicable solution and save the group a considerable amount of money.

Your business will need to respond appropriately to fill those final guest rooms and meet your attrition requirement. As the hotel has a stake in helping you avoid attrition, always include them in your plans.


-Sheila Vichich-Beutin is a Meeting Advisor at pec meetings company and a member of the Wisconsin chapter of Meeting Planners International.