The Matriarchs of Meetings

Cheryl McShane, CMP

Cheryl McShane, CMP

President, Co-Owner

As president and co-owner of pec meetings company, Cheryl is a hands-on leader. She believes in empowering her team, and pec has flourished under Cheryl’s direction. A recognized leader in her field, Cheryl earned her CMP certification in 2009 and is currently working on her CMM certification. Cheryl continues to find new ways for the company to best serve our clients, community and co-workers.

Get to know Cheryl better

• Loves the outdoors – hiking, biking, running and being busy

• Thinks there’s nothing more important than family

• Is passionate about history

• Loves winter sports, but hates the cold

• A news junky

• Hates June bugs

Denice Waldhuetter

Denice Waldhuetter

Vice President, Co-Owner

Denice Waldhuetter is Vice President and co-owner of PEC Meetings Company. Denice gained over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, working for both hotels and organizations. Denice has steadily increased the impact of PEC Meetings Company meeting planning services since inception by contributing to the development of company initiatives in the areas of strategic partnerships, sales, and key customer contact.

Get to know Denice better

• Music inspires her and changes her mood in a moment…especially Jon Bon Jovi

• Her life is forever young because of three wonderful children

• Has sporadic OCD cleaning moments around the house

• Enjoys long distance biking and leading cycling classes at the YMCA

• Cooking is a favorite pastime and she likes experimenting with herbs and spices

• May start her own Aquaponic Garden