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Disaster Preparedness for Meetings and Events

Sometimes even the most thoroughly planned events have unexpected incidents that are beyond anyone’s control. In the past several years, Americans have experienced unthinkable disasters resulting from terrorist activity. We’ve just been lucky that nothing serious has happened during our meetings or conventions so far. When it comes to terrorist threats, many planners maintain a […]

FAQ – Why Should I Hire a Corporate Event Planner?

This month we are sharing some of our most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to outsourcing corporate meeting and event planning. Selecting the right hotel and coordinating meeting details can become overwhelming without having an experienced professional on your team. Your corporate event planner will also have extensive knowledge of negotiating an effective and […]

What’s In Your Event Emergency Kit?

BizBash Reader’s Forum April 24, 2014 From handheld mics and backup flash drives to granola bars and comfortable shoes, planners share their must-bring items for the day of an event. “Knitting needles, pre-threaded needles, eyeglass cleaner, Evian face spray, tools, WD-40, snacks, and so much more.” Shannon Lemp, wedding planner, Panache and Promises, St. Louis

What’s Your Engagement Program?

No, I don’t mean your strategy for getting your fiancé to pop the question.  I’m talking about the system your company, group or association has in place to help solve social and environmental issues in your back yard and across the globe. Sponsorships, volunteerism, education and teambuilding…all very different Engagement Programs, but all very important […]