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Instagram for Events

With over 80 million registered users, Instagram is an ever-growing smart phone application (app) in which users can snap, customize, and share photos instantly with their social network. Instagram has the capability to share photos in real-time with a particular audience at a particular time. If Instagram does not sound like an app that would be […]

PEC Plans: Operation MOVE

In early December, the staff of PEC planned and executed Operation MOVE, a 4,000+ person public event dedicated to battling childhood obesity. Nearly 4,000 children from area Milwaukee schools poured into the seats of the US Cellular Arena on December 11, 2012 to learn about the importance of staying active throughout life. Students danced and […]

Negotiating a Hotel Contract

Reviewing and negotiating a hotel contract can be time-consuming, confusing, and down-right frustrating. You are seeking a fair agreement that accurately and comprehensively covers your meeting arrangements, keeps financial risk to a minimum, and protects your company assets. Often times the contract you receive from the hotel may be one-sided in favor of the hotel, vague […]