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Las Vegas FAM Tour

When people hear Vegas, they probably think of the usual: drinking, gambling, and people snapping cards in your face at every turn. It is, after all, the city that never sleeps. With all the partying, money lost and gained, and lack of sleep you would think its most popular slogan “What happens in Vegas, Stays […]

Team Building Activities: Best Of

Planning team building activities is an important first step in developing a strong, efficient and effective team.  But making sure it’s the right experience for your team is imperative.  While some team building experiences are meant to simply build morale, others are designed to foster communication, reinforce company values, build trust or even address conflict […]

LARGER Than Life Decor

It’s new. It’s never been done. It’s creating a buzz. PEC is helping companies and organizations say, “Here I am!” But how? PEC is unveiling a new line of service this month: LARGER Than Life Decor. These decor elements are lightweight showpieces that are easily portable and can be recycled in a variety of ways. […]