The Events Industry From the Eyes of an Intern

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes coordinating of a few of PEC’s events.  It is truly incredible how a team can concoct so many ideas and have it all come together into a fluid event. Here is my take of the events industry from the eyes of an intern.
There are a few key qualities, I’ve noticed, that make PEC events so successful:
Teamwork – I’ve worked in a few office environments before, but never have I seen such a dedicated team working with each other. No matter what department, PEC employees always reach out in order to achieve the best possible result for each event/client.
Communication- I’ve learned that it takes proper communication within the office and between clients to successfully achieve event-coordinating goals. Whether it is hasty email correspondence or proper listening, in order to create the perfect environment, communication is key.
Creativity- Creativity and uniqueness seem to be the most standout qualities in this business.  It truly amazes me to see a project come through the office and watch as the brainstormed ideas become a reality.
Preparedness- As with many things in life, change is often unpredictable. Through preparing for these hiccups, PEC effectively manages these situations. They really strive to anticipate and cooperate so that any misunderstanding or unplanned circumstance is easily and fluidly repaired. Each department at PEC undergoes so much planning for each event and client; I was unaware of the amount of research and time dedicated to just ensuring PEC was well versed in each client so that the best results were possible.
While I’ve only been here a short while, I’ve learned so much already.  PEC has really opened my eyes into the world of event coordination and professionalism. 

How to Eliminate Stress

Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” ~Terri Guillemets

How to eliminate stress?

I found this quote to be very true as there seems to be more and more we need to accomplish every day and less and less time to do it.  So how does one get rid of the stress we accumulate? There are things we know we are supposed to do, but we are too busy to get to them. Here are a few things that help me take the stress out!

I love organization and it actually makes me feel better – this is not the case for everyone; however, if you can organize you tasks it takes some of the pressure off.  The best place to start is with the almighty list!  Who doesn’t like fun paper  to create your lists on?  It does not matter how small the task is; there is great satisfaction in being able to cross the completed things off your list.

An apple a day… we have all heard it and we know we should eat healthy and exercise, but where is the time?  Like many things in life, we need to make the time.  If you start small like a family walk after dinner, you will begin to notice that you actually have more energy.  And you are what you eat – it’s all about balancing the good foods with the naughty ones.

Saying please and thank you can also reduce stress; doing something nice for someone else makes you feel good.  It’s as simple as holding the door for someone! Baby steps turn into bigger steps. When you are able to take a step back and observe your own stress, you won’t feel as obligated to catch up in the race with time to accomplish as much as you can. Stop your stress before it takes over your life!

This post was written by Alicia Seibert Pollnow, Volunteer Sponsorship Procurement Specialist at PEC.

Twitter for Event Companies

Marketing Your Events Company: The Essentials

You hear it again and again, “your company needs to be on social media.” In marketing your events company, there are two important things to consider: 1. Your company doesn’t just need to be on social media, it needs to be on the right social media platforms, and 2. Your company doesn’t just need to be present on social media, but it needs to be interactive on social media.

So now you’re thinking, where should we be? In marketing the strengths of your event management company, you need to be on the most populated and the most visual social media platforms. Here are a few can’t miss opportunities.

Twitter. This is the number one platform you should be using. Its fast pace nature allows for multiple posts per day, along with the capability to post links, pictures, and videos. This is not to mention its extremely interactive nature. This is where you can build a community around your brand, around your industry, and to seek out potential clients to form meaningful relationships with. (Find PEC on Twitter here)

Pinterest. If you haven’t jumped on board (<pun intended) the Pinterest train yet, do so right away. This platform’s highly visual nature allows you to create boards around different aspects of the event management world, from F&B and décor to incredible venues. Pinterest can also be used as a visual brainstorming tool as well when a client comes on board. Use hashtags to create community around your pins (e.g. #eventprofs, #events, etc…) (Find PEC Pinterest here)

Blog. You company’s blog is a window into your company’s culture. Have different staff members write about different angles of the industry. Give peeks inside what everyday life is like in the office. This is your chance to create original content that provides value for industry professionals and clients alike.

Instagram. Not a must-have, but definitely a social tool that can play to your company’s advantage. Use Instagram in conjunction with Twitter, Pinterest, and your company blog to share real-time photos of happenings inside the office, of an event in the process of being set up, or the final product of the event while on-site. Everyone appreciates a visual, and the platform allows followers to like and comment your photos for more relationship building. (Find PEC on Instagram here)

PEC Plans: Milwaukee Winter Fest

From Site Selection to Incentive Travel to Meeting and Event Management, PEC has experts on staff in each a variety of areas of the industry. One very unique event that PEC (City Events, Inc, a division of Professional Events and Consulting) plans each year is Milwaukee Winter Fest. Winter Fest is a winteractive extravaganza made for the entire family taking place in downtown Milwaukee from December 26-31.

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Home Away from Home: Your Workplace

Can you believe that people spend almost 2,000 hours on the job each year? Considering we spend that much time at work, it’s important to make good decisions in what we eat and what our daily activity will be. Our health and wellness is hugely impacted by these daily decisions. Planning ahead is the key! Below, you will find helpful hints on what to shop for, how to prepare healthy meals, and ideas about how to be more active during your workday.

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PEC Plans: American Bankers Association

PEC is very accustomed to doing tours and shuttle services throughout the greater Milwaukee area and we had the privilege to provide these services to the American Bankers Association (ABA) earlier this week. Sunday evening, ABA had an off-site reception for their 400 attendees at the Harley-Davison Museum. PEC was responsible for the shuttling the guests and ensuring that the guests were never left outside waiting for their ride home on the chilly evening.

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Tip: Terms of Engagement

Many speakers and presenters struggle with event attendee involvement. They have great
intentions, but sometimes the attendees just won’t budge. Here are some “ice breakers” that will
help warm up your guests to the idea of participation…

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Milwaukee UnFAM Tour

The PEC sales and service teams recently joined forces with Visit Milwaukee and other local industry partners to help welcome 25 meeting planners from throughout the country. This was a great showcase opportunity for attendees to experience the warm hospitality of Milwaukee. The planning and coordinating efforts of PEC played a key role in the success of the UnFAM tour. The PEC service team assisted in organizing transportation and site tour itinerary logistics for the guests. Despite some chilly autumn weather, attendees enjoyed their time in “Cream City” Milwaukee.

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PEC Employee Spotlight

Meet Kris, PEC’s Director of Human Resources. You can connect with Kris on Linkedin here.

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PEC Sales Team: Questions to Ask

What does it take to gain a client? Not just any client, but one that truly reflects your company’s culture and philosophy? One of our Sales Associates, Jean Lynch, shares the questions she asks going into a prospective sale.

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