Hotel Contract Negotiation


Details, Deadlines, Decisions.

Take advantage of pec meetings company’s expertise and industry relationships.

With many years of experience in hotel contract negotiation strategies, our trusted advisors have developed long-term relationships with our hotel partners that ensure successful contract execution and bottom line protection.

Your trusted meetings procurement advisor will:

  • Skillfully negotiate the hotel contract in your best interest
  • Reduce your cost and risk through a proven customized contract model that the hotels sign
  • Include proprietary contract language that includes current industry concessions, standards and reciprocity
  • Provide interpretation of contract legalese so you understand every clause in your contract
  • Guide contract deadlines and opportunities through pec meetings company’s Contract Management Report System

How you benefit from our contract negotiation service:

  • There is no out of pocket expense for our site selection and contract negotiation services; we are paid a commission by the hotel on all realized sleeping rooms.
  • We work diligently to reduce your meeting & convention costs and limit financial risk.
  • We will protect you from hidden costs, attrition or cancellation penalties by helping you understand your options.
  • Our trusted advisors have experience effectively negotiating contract inclusions that go beyond traditional industry standards.
  • We remain transparent and honest in all contractual discussions so both parties are pleased with the final agreement.
  • We have the ability to leverage the value of your meeting or convention due to the volume of meetings and conventions we negotiate around the country.

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