Site Selection


The right place at the right time.

The primary objective at pec meetings company is to assist you in sourcing and identifying the right hotel for your meeting or convention based on your goals and objectives.

Your trusted meetings procurement advisor will:

  • Identify the hotel properties that meet your requirements and distribute RFPs to our hotel contacts
  • Collect and review hotel proposals
  • Develop summary reports comparing hotels, rates and concessions
  • Schedule property site inspections
  • Provide you with a site inspection checklist with items to look for and questions to ask

How you benefit from our site selection service:

  • You save money.  We are paid a commission by the hotel on the room nights realized, so you pay nothing out of pocket for this service.
  • You discover a spectacular hotel venue.  We have an extensive hotel database and industry resources that allow us to  uncover hotels & hidden gems that will exceed your expectations.
  • You save time.  Our comprehensive viability report allows you to compare properties based upon cost, amenities, location, air transport and additional aspects that are important to you. We will find the property that fits your brand and your needs.
  • You receive specialized expertise.  We know where to look, what to ask, and how to speak the hotel language. We conduct due diligence to make sure the hotel is financially stable and securely managed.
  • You have peace of mind.  You will remain a part of the meetings procurement process, but can focus on the strategic side of planning your meeting content.
  • You make all final decisions. We believe that the meetings procurement process should be a partnership approach. Our advisors utilize their expertise to present you with viable properties that meet your needs, and you decide which is the perfect fit.
  • Your bottom line is protected.  Your trusted advisor will negotiate a contract that includes language that reduces your monetary risk and provides you with cost saving concessions.

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