lia sophia – project description

lia sophia is a direct sale company with over 27,000 active independent sales representatives worldwide. PEC has had the privilege of working with lia sophia for over six years. During this time we handled a multitude of events within their convention, including luncheons, private dinners, concierge services, transportation, Zone Manager events and off-site galas for more than 3,500 attendees. One of our most important and rewarding aspects of our job was to work directly with the family that owns lia sophia. From the time they land in Milwaukee to the time they depart, PEC is instrumental in making sure that every aspect of their stay, including meeting attendance, dress rehearsals, general sessions, press conferences, family luncheons, private dinners, children’s activities and other events are all managed professionally and on a timely basis.

It is extremely rewarding and allows PEC to show off our expertise with a multitude of tasks. In addition, when lia sophia decided to take their 3,500 person gala off-site, they looked towards PEC to manage every aspect. From the logistics of moving 3,500 people city wide back and forth, to the event planning and execution, to feeding the masses in a timely and appealing manner and providing décor and entertainment components that wouldn’t break the budget but would create an impactful impression, lia sophia sought the expertise of PEC to make it happen.