2013 Food and Beverage Trends

What’s hot in 2013 Food and Beverage Trends? We did our research, found the best of the best, and are looking to incorporate these ideas into our client’s meetings and events! There’s no doubt that outstanding events encompass great tasting and visually appealing food and beverage. And every year, the planner du jour seeks to create an appealing color palate filled with edible art. Here are just a few morsels of ideas…

Eggs – They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Duck eggs are the new Chicken Eggs and these golden beauties can be fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, baked and steamed.  They can be served as is, in baked goods or part of a main dish.  Eggs are a natural complete protein and can be locally produced.

Tearific Teas – Complete with equipment, techniques and tons of varieties, tea is a creative, tasty and economical way to please your guests.  White, green, oolong, black, fermented, tisanes, even though all tea comes from the same plant, there are hundreds of kinds of teas unique with their own appearance, taste and aroma.

SmokingAnd we don’t mean tobacco.  Smokers are all the rage providing everything from smoked meats and fish (including crab and lobster) to nuts, spices and rubs.  Combinations of woods, juices, vanilla beans and herbs can turn simple cuts of meat from ordinary to extraordinary.

And for the next course – Bread. That’s right, bread has always been a part of the overall program, but we’re talking bread so good that it has it’s own course.  Nut and seed coated caramel wheat rolls, warm sourdough buns served with garlic butter, rosemary bread and dipping oil.  The dinner roll has grown up and they’re ridiculously good.

Blondies are the new Brownies!  Otherwise known as simply a lighter brownie, today the Blondie is a dessert snob’s number one choice, and chef’s have made them their own…the dirty blonde with peanut butter and toffee, the slutty blonde that includes a layer of golden Oreo’s, even the nutty blonde with pecans and frosting.

What would you add to this list of 2013 Food and Beverage trends?

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