DearMKE Campaign

While PEC serves businesses around the country, and even internationally, we are proud to be housed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently, a campaign call DearMKE has launched to show the world what we Milwaukee residents love about our city. The campaign is made up of 12 documentaries that are growing into a film, and each documentary will be launched at a different time.

The DearMKE campaign also gives residents the chance to share what they love best about Milwaukee through picture, written word, or video. The staff of PEC is proud to live and work in Milwaukee, so today we are sharing a few of our own submissions that tell you why we love Milwaukee.

“Milwaukee is a city like no other… built along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is as spectacular as it is intimate. It’s a fun, energetic, creative and casual city that offers great food and good times.”

– Cheryl McShane, CMP

“I love Milwaukee because of its historical charm. Old brick buildings mixed in with modern restaurants, housing and businesses give the city a cozy yet lively feel. The people are friendly, the food and beer taste great, and we have a lakefront to play on. What more can a city offer?

– Molly Rasmussen, Marketing Assistant

“I love Milwaukee because we have small city appeal while having anything a larger city can offer. The opportunities for culture and entertainment are endless. You can attend anything on a given day: from professional sporting games, concerts and plays, and ethnic festivals, to your neighborhood farmer’s market. There is always something going on for all ages and interests. Milwaukeeans love to have a good time and stand behind their city!”

– Amy Dall, Manager, Event Services

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