FAQ – Why Should I Hire a Corporate Event Planner?

This month we are sharing some of our most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to outsourcing corporate meeting and event planning. Selecting the right hotel and coordinating meeting details can become overwhelming without having an experienced professional on your team. Your corporate event planner will also have extensive knowledge of negotiating an effective and fair hotel contract to ensure the greatest number of concessions and include clauses that protect your bottom line.

We hope the insight we’ve provided will help clear up some misconceptions about the industry, and better explain the benefits of outsourcing site selection, contract negotiation, and meeting planning to a full-service firm.

“I’m in charge of all meeting and conference planning for my organization and have been doing it for many years. Why would I want to use an outside planner like PEC Meetings Company?”

  • Buying power – Due to the number of hotel rooms that PEC Meetings Company contracts each year and our relationships with national sales managers for the major hotel chains, we give you buying power and resources that you wouldn’t have on your own. And with over 20 years of site selection and hotel contracting, we have developed a rapport with many key leaders in the industry.
  • Contracting process – PEC Meetings Company has developed a contract template that represents our clients fairly and is accepted by most national hotel brands. Our template allows for a more client-centered vantage point as negotiations begin. In addition, we realize there are a myriad of challenges and surprises that can occur throughout the contracting process, we know what to look for and what to ask for.
  • Industry knowledge – The hospitality industry is constantly evolving. PEC Meetings Company keeps up with the business and financial trends, which allows us to support your organization effectively.
  • Trusted, available staff – PEC Meetings Company employs expert negotiators that will assist you to determine your goals and objectives, will help you develop a Strategic Meetings Management program and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

“I love everything about planning events and I’m afraid that if I use a third-party planner I will lose my planning role and the necessity for my job will be diminished or eliminated. How do I know that you aren’t just trying to take control of the entire process?”
PEC Meetings Company has a defined role in assisting with the site selection and contracting process. Think of us as an extension of yourself, or as an additional member of your staff who responds only to your specific requests. We simply desire to assist you with the responsibility you’ve been given as the event planner of your organization. It’s still your meeting and you are in control. You as the meeting planner will be recognized by the hotel as the event coordinator. Our goal is to save your organization time, money, and the exposure to contractual risk so that you are able to focus on the heart of the conference and the multitude of tasks at hand.

“If you are paid by the hotel, how do I know that you will be working in my best interest?”
PEC Meetings Company is dedicated to assisting clients find the best possible location for their conference while reducing their exposure to risk. There is no confusion in our minds; we work for you and are driven to protect your bottom line. PEC’s planners take great pleasure in securing the best possible room rates and overall value for our clients based upon their specific goals and objectives.

“If the hotel is going to pay you a commission, why shouldn’t we just do the work ourselves and get a lower room rate for our meeting? Wouldn’t the hotel pass the savings on to us?”
Sure. It makes sense in theory; but in actuality it’s not that cut-and-dried. A bona fide industry professional like PEC Meetings Company qualifies for a commission. Without our involvement, in most cases, the hotels will not pass the savings on to you. We have found this to be consistent through our long history of working with the hospitality industry.

“I work very hard and one of the joys of my job includes a number of special benefits that hotels provide when we hold our events. What about all the great benefits that come with planning an event?”
PEC Meetings Company does not share in your miles, points, rewards, or perks. All benefits generated by your event stay with you or whomever you designate within your organization.

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