Las Vegas FAM Tour

When people hear Vegas, they probably think of the usual: drinking, gambling, and people snapping cards in your face at every turn. It is, after all, the city that never sleeps. With all the partying, money lost and gained, and lack of sleep you would think its most popular slogan “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” would benefit most. At Professional Events and Consulting, we found our time to be quite the opposite…

In September, an associate and I were given the opportunity to fly out to Vegas for a FAM tour hosted by Caesars Entertainment. We were wined, dined and even walked a red carpet when we arrived. In order for Caesars Entertainment to showcase the best they have to offer, we stayed in Paris Hotel and Planet Hollywood, attended social events, and ate 4-course meals on property. If I leave it at that, it sure sounds like we had the trip of a lifetime. We did, but there is no doubt this was a work trip. We left Wisconsin knowing we were given a great opportunity to form otherwise unlikely relationships and see buildings that we may only otherwise see on Google.

We viewed the FAM tour as a chance to go to a city we were unfamiliar with to see all that it has to offer, especially in working with companies looking to host conferences and conventions there. This trip was just one of many experience PEC has had that is helping us build our Site Selection knowledge and expertise. After all, seeing the space and actually experiencing the space, helps sell the space!

Shortly after our return we received an RFP for a large event in Las Vegas. Our new knowledge of the city immediately allowed us to eliminate spaces we knew could not accommodate the group. Entertainment companies, linen providers and décor companies were still in the front of our minds. When we had questions, we reached out to our newly formed contacts.

The knowledge gained after spending four days in Vegas was priceless.  With that said, there will be plenty more FAM tours in PEC’s future.

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