Twitter for Event Companies

Marketing Your Events Company: The Essentials

You hear it again and again, “your company needs to be on social media.” In marketing your events company, there are two important things to consider: 1. Your company doesn’t just need to be on social media, it needs to be on the right social media platforms, and 2. Your company doesn’t just need to be present on social media, but it needs to be interactive on social media.

So now you’re thinking, where should we be? In marketing the strengths of your event management company, you need to be on the most populated and the most visual social media platforms. Here are a few can’t miss opportunities.

Twitter. This is the number one platform you should be using. Its fast pace nature allows for multiple posts per day, along with the capability to post links, pictures, and videos. This is not to mention its extremely interactive nature. This is where you can build a community around your brand, around your industry, and to seek out potential clients to form meaningful relationships with. (Find PEC on Twitter here)

Pinterest. If you haven’t jumped on board (<pun intended) the Pinterest train yet, do so right away. This platform’s highly visual nature allows you to create boards around different aspects of the event management world, from F&B and décor to incredible venues. Pinterest can also be used as a visual brainstorming tool as well when a client comes on board. Use hashtags to create community around your pins (e.g. #eventprofs, #events, etc…) (Find PEC Pinterest here)

Blog. You company’s blog is a window into your company’s culture. Have different staff members write about different angles of the industry. Give peeks inside what everyday life is like in the office. This is your chance to create original content that provides value for industry professionals and clients alike.

Instagram. Not a must-have, but definitely a social tool that can play to your company’s advantage. Use Instagram in conjunction with Twitter, Pinterest, and your company blog to share real-time photos of happenings inside the office, of an event in the process of being set up, or the final product of the event while on-site. Everyone appreciates a visual, and the platform allows followers to like and comment your photos for more relationship building. (Find PEC on Instagram here)

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