New Hire Announcement

We have a new hire announcement! PEC Meetings Company is thrilled to welcome two new hires to our team this May! Brittany D’Alessio joins our staff as a New Business Development Associate. Emily Bonneau joins the team this May as a New Business Development Intern. PEC Meetings Company’s New Business Development (NBD) department is the go-to team for all your information needs and status updates. Our NBD team puts the client first and works hard to develop a trusting relationship with each individual we work with. The NBD team works to understand how clients want to receive communications. They ensure that PEC Meetings Company not only meets the client expectations, but exceeds them!

Brittany D’Alessio:


Get to know Brittany better! She…

• Adores her son’s smile and laugh more than anything

• Hopes to one day sing the National Anthem at a Green Bay Packers game

• Admits to her number one addiction…shopping

• Loves running

• Can’t start a day off right without at least one cup of coffee

• Looks forward to traveling to Prague and Italy someday soon


Emily Bonneau:


Get to know Emily better! She…

• Loves to make people laugh

• Adores her two small dogs, Oliver and Jackson

• Has a borderline unhealthy obsession with the shows “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Big Bang Theory”

• Makes a killer flourless chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce

• Colorado is one of her favorite places to be and she hopes to live there someday

• Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Go Huskers!


Brittany and Emily are available to connect on Linkedin to discuss ways PEC Meetings Company can help you!

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