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In early June, PEC Meetings Company was fortunate enough to work with one of our clients to bring an indoor trendy tailgate to life. While our team knew planning an indoor tailgate would come with its share of obstacles, we suggested a strong focus on food trucks, string lighting, pick-up truck tailgates, canopies, umbrella and picnic tables, and rustic bars. The venue began as a blank slate of sorts, with plain walls, high ceilings, and concrete floors. PEC Meetings Company was tasked with the process of turning a plain space into a casual yet sophisticated environment.

With everything in place, 900 guests flooded the room to enjoy upscale tailgate food, beverages, and entertainment. The highlight of the evening was a concert produced with sound, light, and production that included the music of Michael Cavanaugh, who was the lead vocalist in the Broadway show Movin’ Out. Our client’s trendy tailgate customer conference was executed successfully and guests enjoyed the laid back atmosphere with sophisticated touches.

Trendy Tailgate 1

Trendy Tailgate 2

Trendy Tailgate 3

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