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In March of 2013, Professional Events and Consulting (PEC) celebrated 10 years in business. While the anniversary brought much excitement internally, it also brought about a time of reflection and critical thinking about where the company has been, how it has evolved, and what it will be in the future. After one long discussion in a staff meeting over branding confusion, it was clear to us that there was more to this brand confusion than what was realized internally; we understood that our marketing and branding initiatives no longer matched what we were capable of and did for our clients. We knew it was time for a change, and that change has taken full shape through a rebrand of the company. Our rebrand will reflect the larger, more diverse and sophisticated company that we have become. In the past, we were PEC, or Professional Events and Consulting. Today, we are PEC Meetings Company.


In order to make effective change, both internally and externally, we understood that we needed to be honest with ourselves. We needed to understand where we were and what we’ve become and compare that with how we are perceived as a company. Through this evaluation, we found a delta between what we wanted to and can be, and what we actually were to clients. Through post meeting and event reviews with clients, we discovered many strengths and some weaknesses of the company. We collected insights and positive qualities that gave us a new foundation on which to build.

Our rebrand will be glaringly obvious from the inside out. On the surface level, this includes the new name (PEC Meetings Company) and a new logo to reflect that (as seen in the upper left hand corner of our website). The name and logo reflect the external changes, but this rebrand has much more substance than the look of our brand. We have reevaluated internal processes, service offerings, the unique selling proposition, and finally the marketing plan as a whole. This entire process has allowed PEC Meetings Company to identify why we do business, and what we can do to help our clients. At the end of the day – that’s what matters most to us.

So, what’s changing?

As mentioned, our company name, logo, and description are changing. These are the outward items that will be most obvious. On a deeper level, our services are shifting – not changing – to better reflect both the needs of our clients and industry progression. In the past, we had a stronger focus on event management and destination management services. Going forward, Meeting and Convention Planning is our number one priority and strength. During the past year, our clients and staff have identified that our greatest value lies in our ability to provide strategic solutions to achieving their meeting and convention goals and objectives. Our Incentive Travel service remains consistent through the rebrand, as clients find value in what we provide through this service offering. Finally, we will offer Special Events as a service offering. Special Events is an area PEC Meetings Company has extensive experience in, and we understand that many of our clients have special event initiatives that differ from their meeting or convention.

So, what isn’t changing?

What isn’t changing is the way we treat our clients and the value of our services. In both the past and present, PEC Meetings Company has prided itself in delivering outstanding customer service to our clients. We deeply value the trusting and long-term relationships we develop with our clients, and know that when we strive to understand their meetings and events better, we are able to deliver a better product that meets and exceeds our client’s objectives.


Overall, this process of rebranding has had a rejuvenating effect on the internal culture of our company. We opened the conversation to all staff and became more transparent, which called for new levels of employee support, knowledge, and feedback. It gave our staff the chance to get involved in creating a new, positive business culture. Externally, we strive to become a more transparent and relationship-focused company. We are thrilled to open new doors, form new relationships, and welcome more partnerships throughout the country.

Thank you to all who have supported us thus far. We are simply thrilled to turn over a new leaf and move forward with this rebrand!


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