PEC Sales Team: Questions to Ask

What does it take to gain a client? Not just any client, but one that truly reflects your company’s culture and philosophy? One of our Sales Associates, Jean Lynch, shares the questions she asks going into a prospective sale.

To me, being a successful sales person involves doing your research. It is important to narrow down your prospects by gathering as much information about their company as you can. It is important to determine if your product or service is a good fit for their firm.

Look at what do they do, where they have been, and who the major principals in the organization are. If you are fundraising, it is critical to know what areas the organization focuses on. Does your request for funding align with what they have supported in the past?

In the case of fundraising or sponsorship – how do they want to be rewarded for their support? Do they want to be publicly or privately recognized? Are they looking at sponsorship as another arm of marketing? How profitable has this company been in the recent past? If they have been successful financially, are they more likely to have the additional funds to give away?

As you can see, being successful in sales requires doing your due diligence on the front end to see the results on the back end.

This post was written by PEC’s Sales Associate, Jean Lynch. You can connect with Jean on Linkedin here.

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