Team Building Activities: Best Of

Planning team building activities is an important first step in developing a strong, efficient and effective team.  But making sure it’s the right experience for your team is imperative.  While some team building experiences are meant to simply build morale, others are designed to foster communication, reinforce company values, build trust or even address conflict resolution.

There are as many reasons why we need team building activities as there are activities.  And they range anywhere from 3-5 minute activities to 2-3 day off-site corporate retreats.  Understanding the need, developing a plan and analyzing the results are keys to any successful team building experience.

Listed below are a few creative suggestions taken from multiple sources that we feel are unique, yet effective team building exercises.

Marvel”ous” Comic Book Design

Teams create comic books highlighting their individual superpowers and how they will use them to save the day and overcome some of the challenges facing their company.  Spirits soar as high as a superhero during the comic book presentation held at the end of the activity. (

Team Improv

Through a series of exciting improvisational games, exercises and challenges, you will harness the ability to be spontaneously creative without any limitation.

The key is working together on the spot, under severe pressures with unknown resources in order to accomplish your goal. (

Icing on the Cake

Teams may think this event is a piece of cake, but there’s a lot to do if they want to top all other teams! Teams donned in chef’s hats and aprons must decorate a cake and whip up a presentation that’s better than all others, or they’ll get creamed! (

Bike Building Workshop

Working together as a team you will earn the pieces of a brand new bike and the tools to build it. Against impossible odds and immense time pressure, you will build a bike for your “customer”, an underprivileged child in the community.  This is truly a heartwarming team building event with a philanthropic spin. (

One World, One Team

This is an indoor team building activity that focuses on local action with a global reach as teams work together to create, produce and pack unique ‘gift boxes’ for distribution to children in need – it’s an event that not only helps your team, but literally changes the lives of children in developing countries around the world. (

Adventure Weekend

The Adventure Weekend provides a variety of activities through which team members can grow and learn – each day is packed with adventure sports opportunities and each challenge requires significant commitment from the members of the group.  Individuals learn to test their limits, trust their team and build team bonds. (

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