Tip – Four Frugal Planner Tips

Here at PEC, we are always looking for ways to give our clients the best value on a limited budget. In an effort to avoid wasteful spending, we monitor Meetings and Conventions’ Frugal Planner’s Tip of the Week. Today we are rounding up our favorite four tips from the Frugal Planner.

1. Table the Salt: The Frugal Planner suggests keeping the bar tab down by holding salty hors d’oeuvres and snacks. Replace salty chips and nuts with low-salt munchies as prepared by the caterer. This way, guests will not need several drinks per night to keep up with post-salt thirstiness.

2. Waste Not: Avoid wasting food by having the catering staff save individually wrapped items (e.g. yogurt, granola bars, etc..) rather than throwing them out after a buffet breakfast. Instead, use the leftovers during meeting coffee breaks.

3. BYO Bags: Most event attendees already own a plethora of event collateral (e.g. tote bags, pens, and water bottles). Avoid the high price of supplying event attendees with a new tote bag every year by recommending that they bring their own to the meeting or event.

4. Easy Eats: When attendees arrive on site for a meeting, they are often tired from travel. Avoid a costly formal welcome dinner by replacing it with a casual welcome reception. Recommend that guests wear a name badge to encourage networking among attendees.

The content from this article was originally published by Meetings and Conventions in Best of Frugal Planner.

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