Tip – Travel like an Event Pro

Here at PEC, our top line of service is Site Selection and Contract Negotiating. This service requires our event coordinators to travel around the country like pros to various cities where the clients are meeting. Event travel can be stressful with a lack of planning and awareness. Today we are gathering our favorite event pro travel tips that make the entire travel experience easier.

  • Watch for roaming fees: This applies to both cell phones as well as tablet devices. Many times, this area of a cellular/tablet contract is vague and confusing. Unknown roaming fees can rack up hundreds of dollars worth of charges, if you are not aware of the fees. Best tip: contact your service provider beforehand to explore your best option for data and talk. (from Cvent: Travel Tips for Event Planners)
  • Don’t let your charger out of sight: Chargers are one of the most frequent items left in hotel rooms. For event pros, your phone is often the key to event success for its various resources. Best tip: avoid losing or leaving your cell phone/tablet charger by always plugging it in the most visible and obvious outlet, such as in the bathroom. (from Cvent: Planner Smarts)
  • Avoid a last minute packing scramble: Early flights are a pain, but are often necessary in the world of business. It’s easy to leave packing until the morning of when the day before was long, but the scramble may cause a missed flight. Best tip: avoid a late departure by packing nearly all items the night before, besides the essentials. (from Cvent: Planner Smarts)

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