Trend We Love – Catering with Food Trucks

Take a walk around your local downtown area during lunch hour one day. You may notice several food trucks lining streets with long lines of hungry customers. Food trucks are the new lunch hot spot in American cities, with their tasty yet affordable menus. Here at PEC, we love the idea of incorporating this trend into your next event or meeting.

Meetings and events require more than just an average venue and catering in 2012. Event participants and attendees want meeting aspects they can not just talk, but brag about – particularly through social media outlets. Throw out the idea of catering lunch with sub sandwiches. Invite attendees to step outside the venue space for their lunch break to a street lined with food trucks. Guests will love the variety of choices available to them!

Whatever the type, food trucks are sure to be popular among event attendees. The fresh air and tasty treats almost guarantee a new energy in the room upon return.

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